When was the last time you were on any social networking site – 1 minute ago? Lesser maybe?!

That is probably the case with more than 70% of the people reading this and the 30% were probably on social media 5 minutes ago!

We have all lured in by these sites, none of us have been left behind. In fact, the biggest proof of this is how as per law children as young as 13 can be on social media – if we count those who don’t follow the age rule, there are younger ones of these as well. Not to forget of course, how the senior age group too seems to be taking to WhatsApp and Facebook at a faster rate that we could have imagined. Clearly age no more seems to be an issue when it comes to starting social networking, though platforms of choice may differ.

I have not been able to find anyone around me – in office or among friends who has not been bitten by the social bug?

This then brings me to think – is it possible to adopt a ‘social media free’ life? Even if one does manage to adopt that lifestyle, is it one that can be sustained and is it even an advisable way to live in society?

About half of our conversations are connected to the information we consume on the platforms, most of our current affairs updates are sourced through one of the social platforms. Publications seem to be focused on making their social profiles more active! Then how does one stay ‘relevant’ without social media today?

But it sure would be a peaceful life, wouldn’t it? 😀