Frazier vs. Ali

“Fight of the century”- well wouldn’t that itself say all that is to be said… The first time 2 undefeated champions faced each other in the ring and what followed was probably the most nail-biting, adrenaline pumping match boxing would see.

Goal of the Century

A defining moment in Maradona’s football career but not necessarily one that has a clean chit of sportsmanship. What started with protests on the push he supposedly gave the ball with his hand, ended with him swooping past almost the entire English team and scoring the ‘goal of the century’.

The Shot

This is another event that I wish I was around to see. Whether it was Michael Jordan knowing exactly what calculation he needed for those last few seconds before the buzzer or a higher, unknown power looking out for him, it remains a mystery. But what is not a mystery is the madness that surrounded this epic moment, starting from his fist bump in the air to the maddening crowds – it is a spectacle sports history still remembers.

The Battle of the Sexes

This goes way beyond sports, this match meant much more to millions around the world then, as it should now too. Though this wasn’t the first match between male & female tennis pros but Bobby Riggs’ almost pompous claim that he could beat any female player were beautifully put to rest by Billie Jean King.

England vs New Zealand CWC 2019

I don’t know if this is big enough on the books to make it to the list, but for me it sure is one of the best sport events I have come across! The way England and New Zealand battled for the Cricket World Cup 2019. There should be books written about it, movies made on it, all that can be done to make use never forget.