May we take a minute to absorb what just happened to the world of cricket! There probably couldn’t have been a more nerve-wracking match, and we are the lucky ones who got to witness it all unfold before us.

But this cup had a catch!

Yes, it was a sweet win for England because not only was it a first win for us, but it was of a game that of which we were (?) the Masters. All the while, we were praying, following some odd superstition, or some even hyperventilating – all the possible measures of a viewer’s investment in the game. Then why, at the end of it, did we get that little pang for the Kiwis?

I heard someone say, “there are 22 World Cup winners of that field” and yes that indeed is true. As much as I love that my home country England won the cup, we must stay true to our English manners and tip our hats to contenders who made every second of it count… don’t think we would have wanted to win any other way!