I don’t remember a single year at school, where we weren’t encouraged to read books. Time went by and though I have only been getting lesser time to read, I always considered it to be one of the most soothing activities.

But of late, do we see lesser and lesser number of people walk around with a book? I did think it was maybe because the good ol’ smell of books was replaced by the ‘ease of scroll’, but I fear that isn’t it.

We may say there are lesser hours in our days now, but I feel there are lesser seconds in our attention spans. Our phones are inundated with content, which is quicker, easier to consume – shorter texts, shorter videos, heck there are even 6-word stories (which I am guilty of thoroughly enjoying, not an easy thing to write).  We are a generation that moved from posts to stories, a generation that gets most of work done on WhatsApp groups than on mails – I recently saw a colleague (mind you, he is in his 40s) approve someone’s ask with LGTM! – for the uninitiated that “looks good to me”.

Shorter formats make is easier & quicker to consume information, giving us more time to absorb additional content, this could of course mean that we can gain more data now than we did earlier. Come to think of it, this can’t be that bad. But is this making us lose our patience in being able enjoy the leisurely pleasures of diving into a book? Spend a few days with the same characters in one story? Surely books, you couldn’t have lost your charm, but I guess its us, not you.