I am guilty of being one among millions who cannot seem to get enough of new startups and honestly, I often find myself mentally checking boxes for which idea will work & which will not.

Startups have become such a phenomenon that countries like India created special programs to encourage entrepreneurship & employment generation through startups, universities created courses and honestly, we even created startup fans! How many of us have seen an enthusiastic young person out there who has his or her heart set on joining a startup rather than a big, established corporate?

But just when the startup industry began competing with very other prolific sectors out there, do we also see a fatigue resulting from all this ‘overexposure’?

At one time, the startup industry with its interesting ideas used to excite us (they still do, for me) but what I do see of late, is a general eyeroll of “yet another startup”. That which used to be an active conversation about what, why and why-not, is now turning into a “lets see” statement.

One of the reasons for this is the presence of many me too startups. The charm that came with the sector was its power of innovative thinking, the ability to create new needs which even the consumers did not realize they had! The parasitic nature however of another company tweaking the bolts and presenting an idea as a new one, might rob off some of the charm. While innovation (read quirkiness) forms one pillar of the sector, the other that holds it up is practicality. It indeed is great that startups create new needs and markets, but not many of these ideas transformed themselves into practical on-ground uses. You might have an open consumer base that is ready to try anything that is different, but mind you, it is not an unwise audience.

The startup sector has much more to offer and change in our lifestyles, but not without its share of disenchanted ‘startup fans’. When did this narrative start changing… or is it changing at all?