As a member of a successful and visionary organisation, I find myself learning new things every day. Cliché, maybe. True, absolutely!

But sometimes, I also wonder, how can I reciprocate and actually help the organisation learn something from me and my experiences? Now before this statement starts making me sound too self-assured, let me explain why I say this.

Each generation brings its own set of ideas which, at that time, are new for the organisation and which have the potential to change the course of the company and even the industry for that matter.

So how do we know we are not just another generation who, while changing and improving the course of the sector, of course, will also be the generation to create a significant shift? What is it that our generation can give – apart from our ideas and attitudes – to add value to the organisation? What is the disruption we bring to the business? How do we recalibrate the rules of the game? How do we ensure ringing in the next wave into the industry?

We might have the best technology and the most advanced gadgets, the deep learning tools and the benefit of artificial intelligence but the generation before us had the best of their times. We might have speed on our side, but we will be slower than the generation after us. But what can we change or create that will make us the generation who invented the wheel! We might not have the answer to this question, but what if making this question the norm becomes our contribution…