The Rajasthan Cricket Association is an institution built over the years. But under the myopic leadership of Mr CP Joshi, it’s prestige became all-time low.

He had an excellent platform to develop the sport in the state. Instead, he utilised the time in politicking and lowering the esteem of the RCA. His run-ins with  Hon Secretary Shri Nandu was uncalled for. He should have applied more thought on taking RCA as a body and as a team forward.

Mr Joshi has to introspect and realise the damage he has caused. All the work done by the previous administrators has now been wasted.

We therefore wholeheartedly support the appointment of an ad-hoc body to set the ills of the state association right. We will offer unconditional support to the new set-up.

It is time for Rajasthan cricket to reboot and start afresh with the players’ interest of paramount importance.