Recently I have come across some brilliant ideas that either are start-ups already or innovative thoughts that can make a huge difference in this world, and some just plain funny or have come into being because of the oddest thoughts ever! Here are a few stories that caught my eye.


When we say Digital India, there is much which has happened and a lot more potential which can be tapped into. And Astrome is a brilliant example of this. Simply put, Internet reaches the farthest corners of the country, straight from space!

 The Ocean Clean-Up

Such stories only go to show that one is never “too young” to think big and make a difference. One of the most interesting ideas I have seen in while, as a project to clean up all that we humans throw away into the oceans.

The Boring Company

Necessity is the mother of all inventions and this takes it just a step further with Elon Musk as the main brain behind it! Being stuck in traffic was what led Elon Musk to start his most “boring” company yet which will literally bore tunnels in cities to create new travel routes.


The way this start-up came into being was as simple and as grand as a Eureka moment. The solution to reduce food wastage and create a seamless method to take things which one doesn’t need any more and give them to those for whom these are daily necessities.

 Potato Parcel

You might think an idea to be one that people don’t need, but that does not mean it won’t find any takers! This one indeed is a case study for creating needs where there aren’t any. Little did we know that one day someone might want to send you a mini-you on a potato or send you a love note/ threat/ thank you- but on a potato! This really takes the cake for being the wackiest I have heard in a while.