RCA President Mr. C.P. Joshi has crossed every limit of propriety and fairness while managing the IPL season games in Jaipur. Absolute highhandedness was so apparent and dissented by district cricket associations that not only for financial malpractices the Ethics officer had to intervene and order a probe into issues of financial bungling in repairs of SMS stadium. Interspersing the Ethics officer has found a prima facie for initiating inquiry, but the Rajasthan High Court has put a restrain on RCA President to have any complementary passes issued to him and instead EX Ranji Captain Vinod Mathur has been assigned this job by the High Court to distribute the complimentary passes to IPL game scheduled for 19th May to Rajasthan State cricket player. Mr. Joshi was thoroughly misusing this quota of complementary passes of 10% due to RCA for its district affiliates by issuing them to only his favourites and ignoring even the Secretariat and Treasurer of the association.

Now bypassing the general body he has formed a committee for domestic cricket on his own consisting of his favourites and ignoring the talent and experience of those who oppose his highhandedness and unfair conduct. Whereas, as per RCA constitution formation of any subcommittee is in the domain of the general body. By forming arbitrarily a subcommittee for domestic cricket Mr. Joshi has once again tried to hoodwink the people by showing his interest in cricket promotion whereas he has once again usurped the rights of members, specifically the general body. Clearly Mr. Joshi is afraid of facing the general body of RCA simply for the reason that he has lost majority in General body.