All truth passes through three stages:

First, it is ridiculed.

Second, it is violently opposed.

Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Lalit Modi started his brainchild project- The Indian Premier League in 2008 with an aim to bring together the two-most loved things in India- cricket and entertainment. The world was (and is) in love with IPL, and the growth faster than any other sporting event or franchise in the country!

But all this was mired by baseless allegations planned by some with vested interests. There were situations where some “friends” turned their backs, there were threats to self and family security, and many unfairly judged Lalit. It all did not end here, in September 2010, he had to leave his home country.

He willingly stepped aside from IPL for the benefit of the league- that is how much my father loves this dream run. The erstwhile BCCI top brass Mr. N Srinivasan, Mr. Chirayu Amin, Mr. Shashank Manohar, Mr. Sundar Raman and Mr. M.P Pandove who back in 2010 claimed that Lalit Modi was responsible for the transfer of huge funds from India by BCCI to CSA in 2009 have now capriciously changed their statements. Their current blame game is a clear indicative of previous shifting the blame of funds transfer on Lalit Modi back in 2010.

The cross-questioning by Lalit Modi’s lawyers has started to bring the truth to light. We always knew that the truth will emerge; just did not know that it will take close to a decade. Through all of this, he stood by his family like a pillar of strength even when he was the one who was targeted all this while. The contradictions in the opinions of BCCI officials and the ‘too aged to recollect the details’ statements speak volumes about the injustice that Lalit Modi had to go through. The truth is finally unfolding itself and the 8-year long battle is finally producing the right results. No union is more powerful than the power of truth and now the truth will turn those knives and nail the culprits back home.