Technology has completely transformed every aspect of our lives, from the way we work to the way we socialize and everything in between. We can survive a day without food but not without tech-gadgets. Technology was created to make things easier and quicker for humans, but our dependence on it can make things difficult in the long run.

Children are no strangers to technology. There is a deep gap in the behavior of children today and previous generations. Reminiscing about the “good old days” when children were growing up without technology –embracing the outdoors, interacting with families- are memory trips we often see many talk about.

The ability to question is diminishing

Childhood is the time when our minds are brimming with questions about almost everything in the world. Children use their observation to reach conclusions. This curiosity and the ability to question is a powerful tool in the development of the brain. But with technology and the Internet we have on-demand information available. Children nowadays can look up information on the Internet but cannot think over it to come to a result. Can this impact imagination & memory retention?

Inactive lifestyle is on the rise, and technology is to blame

Childhood is a time when habits are ingrained. It is the time when we are actively involved into playing and movement. Technology is contributing to the inactive lifestyle of the children these days. Kids are prone towards obesity because of excess technological activity and physical inactivity.  With technology that includes cars, computers, and smartphones, the amount of physical activity has dropped significantly.

Change in the way children feel

Comparisons, peer-pressure, and competition have resulted in the unnecessary need to maintain a social media presence. This can highly affect their way of thinking, developing meaningful friendships, and picking up on emotions. Due to lack of outside contact with peers they grow up with weak social skills.

Technology has reached a point where everything is available with the touch of a button. It has changed the way we live, those who are going to suffer the most are children. Today’s children have tremendous opportunities available because of advanced technology. But with every advantage comes a potential cost. Let’s help the children be more attentive and engaged with the people around. Let’s help them learn that ‘Too much of anything is not a good thing.’