The demands made by BCCI on RCA of passing certain resolutions regarding Mr. Lalit Modi as wholly superfluous and an exercise in redundancy.

Despite being under overhauling as stipulated under Lodha Committee recommendations continues to be dominated by the old guard, which has its own petty interests and politicking in mind rather than devoting itself to the greater cause of cricket.

Mr Lalit Modi had stated in his resignation from RCA and from the Nagaur DCA five months ago that for benefit of cricket and cricket players of Rajasthan he was giving up all positions in cricket, there was no need for imposing person-specific resolutions. The contributions of Mr Lalit Modi to Indian cricket as well as cricket in Rajasthan speak for themselves. For him, the welfare of Indian cricket and cricketers has been foremost. No one in the existing BCCI can match either his vision or his contribution. He is above narrow politics, unlike those in the BCCI who have no love for cricket and have damaged the game of cricket in Rajasthan because of ego / personality-based clashe.

The BCCI’s demands have shown that despite Mr Lalit Modi being out of the picture he continues to dominate the BCCI.

In fact, more than any undertaking by RCA in this regard Mr Lalit Modi’s own decision in August last year to give up all positions in Indian cricket holds greater significance. Lalit Modi is man of conviction and his words count more than anything else. He has moved on and even if the RCA wants him back he will not come back.

The BCCI’s conditions show that instead of resolving the issue in an earnest spirit, it is still caught up in ego issues and settling personal scores.

Instead of appreciating Lalit Modi’s bold move to step down from every position in RCA on his own despite being legally entitled, BCCI is still making an issue of Lalit Modi. Instead, with Lalit Modi no longer in the picture in the RCA, the association’s suspension should have been revoked long ago without imposing such irrelevant conditions.

Suspension of RCA can be an alibi to cover failure to revive domestic cricket and bring harmony between the various affiliates of RCA, irrespective of whether they vote for him or not. Whereas, during the three years of suspension when Lalit Modi was the President, domestic cricket did not suffer a bit and the cricketing calendar was followed fully.

Expressing my full faith in the wisdom of judiciary and hoping that on 24th January justice will prevail over the malafide of vested interests in BCCI.