There was no celestial announcement happened on 21st August 1986, in Sherwood Content (a small city in Jamaica) when a baby boy was born to a local grocery shop owner. But preparation has begun for the emergence of the best athlete in human history.

Before giving his mesmerising performance at Beijing Olympic where he won three gold medal (one later stripped off due to Drug issue by his teammate in the relay race) and second just on eve of his 22nd birthday, the Jamaican Sprinter has gone through a number of highs and lows.

Eight times Olympic gold medallist, eleven-time World Champion and a number of world record holder Usain Bolt is rightly named as “Lightning Bolt“. 2012 London Olympic medal earned him a title of “Jamaican National Hero” as the medal come just hours before Jamaica celebrated their 50th Independence Day.

Suffering from Scoliosis (spine disorder) and becoming the “Fastest Man On Earth” is a fascinating story of sheer courage, dedication, determination which is definitely a source of motivation and encouragement across the world. Later a biopic called “I AM BOLT” was produced for the world to behold the phenomenal journey of the legend.

No Regrets“, the two-word uttered by one of the planet’s most entertaining icons after last 100 Metre race of his career is humbled as the zenith turned into bronze pigment and the shortest step of the podium was waiting for the Legend, probably for the first and definitely for the last time. The night was waiting for longest walk of the legend as those pair of boots were touching the ground for the last time.

It would be an injustice to conclude just with few alphabets of English as they can’t sum-up the most glorious journey since the evolution of planet Earth. I would rather end the blog with my response when someone broke the news that Bolt is retiring, I replied – “BOLTS NEVER RETIRE”.