I hold cricket very dear to my heart and I still remember the first time I was on field with my father for IPL, I was around 10 years old at that time. My experience and association with cricket brought me to my decision to run for the Rajasthan Cricket Association presidency- something that my parents (especially my father!) were not very keen on. I had set out knowing that I would have to work my way through on my own, as my father didn’t want much to do with cricket, after all that he has been put through (of course, having said that I always will have his blessings and advice).

But quite recently, there have been some developments where, not only have the elections been indefinitely postponed (a decision made by the election officer on legal grounds), but it is being portrayed by some individuals as my doing! It is surprising that one would think I would try and sabotage something which would lead me further on the path that I have charted for myself. I have said it before and I say it again that it is irresponsible and malicious to suggest that I have engineered my own downfall. I have complete faith that I have support of members for the RCA elections.

But it is also true that RCA needs BCCI authorization and in the best interest of the association, especially in the best interest of the players, it is important that RCA adheres to the recommendations of the Lodha Committee.