Yes, it’s true that it was the English who brought cricket to India, but while the English left, cricket became as Indian and as rooted to our nation as anything could be. The “gentleman’s game” soon had us chanting “India! India!”

As someone who himself has the cricket bug in him, thanks to the innumerable dining-table conversations which revolved around this game, I am still intrigued by cricket every single day.
Cricket in India has grown, as each one of us has grown along with it. The World Cup win of India in 1983 just seemed to blow a new life into the game. From the changing blue jerseys to the plethora of colors on the boys, from the TV format to digital touch points and from good to world-class facilities & talent, cricket in India has indeed evolved. Come IPL and the whole field turned into a grand celebration which brought the entire nation together.

In the game’s evolution, no example is as prominent as IPL which injected new life and more money into Indian (& global) cricket, changing the way many Indians spend their evenings, for at least 50 nights of the year. IPL has not only drawn “live” audience; it has fascinated a massively increased television audience.
As this year’s IPL, successful as it has been, draws to a closure, I reminisce about the time I spent with my father when he immersed himself in building this masterpiece. I have had the good fortune to look at cricket closely and not just see the fun and love of the game but the actual heart & sweat that goes into it. But through all that has changed in years before me and now, one thing is for sure that it is not just Indians who love cricket, but Cricket also loves India.