As the Rajasthan Cricket Association elections approach, the vision for the future of RCA gets clearer to me. Cricket has been a topic that has not only been a major part of my life as I grew up and obtained my education, but has even been the topic of discussion over the dining table on many occasions. I have been around to see the hard work and toiling that has gone into making IPL an international phenomenon, I have first-hand seen the brainstorming for it. This, along with my experience as the President of the Alwar Cricket Association, has given me my own vision for Cricket in Rajasthan.

The association faces a lot of challenges which have only become deeper over the past 2 years. But our aim is to create an environment where the last 2 years, hard as they have been for the association, will not create any lag in the progress ahead. My team and I have set plans and action points, reforms which we aim to implement and make the cricket scenario in the state bigger & better than before!

One of the main action point would be to create a bridge between the RCA & BCCI. My objective is the development of the game and talent in the state and I, along with my team, will make all the efforts to bring a renewed connection between the 2 bodies.

The state has no dearth of cricketing talent, which when given the right kind of facilities, infrastructure & training support can make new waves for the state in the cricketing world. We even plan to take this further and build our own stadium to bring international level cricket to the state. The Rajasthan Cricket Association is no stranger to hard work & efforts for the players’ benefits, the Flicx pitches which only RCA arranged for the players (despite facing financial crunches) is a good example of this. The emphasis will be to work on the path which leads us to bring IPL & international cricket to the state and the journey has just begun.